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What’s included in the subscription cost? £99.99 INC VAT

  • Live market breakdowns – full top down analysis everyday done live for our members. You will gain a better understanding of the current market, with our guidance and knowledge input.
  • Team Zoom Sessions – The purpose of these zoom sessions is for members of The Agency, to have an opportunity to learn and discuss, as well as interact with their Agents.
  • Trade Setups – analysing the markets to identify setups with a healthy risk to reward ratio. We are not merely a “signal service.” We publish our analysis for educational purposes, for members to engage with and benefit from.
  • Open chat rooms – for passionate traders to feel free and express their views and bias on current market situations and circumstances. This is a global community platform of forex traders from all walks of life to inform and disclose with one another. Sharing new perspectives, opens the doors of new opportunities.
  • Live Q & A’s – An opportunity for members to ask any questions they may have in regards to market conditions. This will take place every week with members leading the topic of discussion. The Agents will respond to queries to the best of their abilities with up-to-date market knowledge. This is an interactive session designed to help ease anyone of any market misconceptions. Other members may contribute also, because we do not believe in having a monopoly over knowledge!
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