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We take great pride in the development of our members’ knowledge and skills, to ensure a bright future in the forex and cryptocurrency market.

Paid package for market analysis and breakdown, inclusive of a free provision, equipping members with the fundamental and technical theories to apply towards the decision-making process. The market is dependent on the consideration of political and economic/fiscal factors. Therefore, an up-to-date breakdown of current affairs and its market impacts, is provided to members free of charge as part of this service.


For a more enhanced and personal experience, the Mentoring Programme is designed for the ambitious and committed members, who wish to capitalise on the time they invest in themselves for an additional premium.

The Agency factors in individual members’ preconceived notions, knowledge and expertise within the field. Thus, we are here to fill your gaps in knowledge with consideration to the level and experience of each individual member. You will not be paying for a service whereby you are being guided on something you are already familiar with. Individual progression is the focal point of the Mentoring Programme. Additionally, only Premium Members benefit from cryptocurrency analysis and breakdown, not available with the Basic Membership. Priority is given to Premium Members for group courses with a discounted rate guaranteed. The aforementioned benefits are exclusively available with the Premium Membership which will always be strictly limited in numbers.


We are competing in a highly saturated market with quality in mind. Our goal is not to be the “cheapest” providers of foreign exchange and cryptocurrency services. We aspire to provide our members with the best aftercare/mentoring, which is not available in the market. We wish to nurture our members to be the best and to reach their potential. Long-term customs is what we seek from members until they are ready to operate independently. Their support and loyalty will help build The Agency to become the number one platform in the future