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We take great pride in the development of our members’ knowledge and skills, to ensure a bright future in the forex and cryptocurrency market.


A chat room that will be an active forum for engagement and interaction for all members to connect with the Special Agents


We welcome everyone of all abilities to sign up and join The Agency. We are an inclusive platform and complete beginners need not hesitate to sign up.


Foreign exchange analysis is for all members (cryptocurrency analysis is exclusive to Premium Members).


Take the first step and join the most accessible platform to enhance your trading skills today!


Every year we will summon our agents at a secret location, for everyone to get together and meet the faces behind the screens.


Lukas C

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"Where do I start with Zed?

I met him a good few years ago because I didn’t know where to start in this trading life, only saw videos online and so. But he offered me to come and see him and taught me a few things and what I should learn from that day on wards.. started to see the light in things as days went on.

Recently he started up The Agency and he’s been showing people love and support in his Discord group and also his Zoom meetings. Alone from his analysis he has been showing us, has helped many of us make money from it too🙌🏼

If you want to learn properly he’s your man."

Shakeel H


"I had taken a few well-known courses prior to stumbling across Agent Trader. I could say that prior to taking the course, I had moderate understanding of the market and how things worked. To say the least, this course should have come earlier which would have saved me £’s on other courses.

The three-day intensive course covered the vital components on what it takes to become profitable in forex. If I was to compare these other courses, The Agency most definitely did not go through content which can be easily found on babypips. He was able to cover aspects which no other would. Why? Most probably because they were afraid to go there. I found that by doing this, allowed us to get a true grasp and develop our analytical skills to a whole different level. The course was very much to the point and did not take any fancy names of simple terms to confuse the hell out us.

What made The Agency stand out amongst all was the personality of our mentor. Not only an educator but someone who got down to vibe with us personally. Finding a humbled and level-headed mentor in this industry is pretty much non-existent. In this day and age, every educator seems to forget you as a student. Not with The Agency you find yourself in a place that no matter what time or place, the support system is there and the continuous support you attain from such investment is worth your money.

After all, your investment in courses is to educate yourself from successful experiences of others.

Do yourself a favour and save your money and invest into proper education exclusively from The Agency!"

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Adnaan Khodabux

"Zed is one of the best traders I have ever met. After watching his live sessions a couple of times, I realised that he has very good knowledge on trading in comparison to others. I then decided to do the crash course which was a big step in the right direction for me. Zed opened my eyes to different aspects of trading which I never considered and to this day it has helped me become a profitable trader. Zed has been a very good mentor for the past two years, if there was anything I was unsure about he would answer my questions with no hesitation and with quick responses. He was exactly the mentor I needed and has been very helpful throughout my trading experience."


Joshua Ramos

"The Agency's course is very simple and easy to grasp. Sometimes it seemed too simple, but this is a big positive as even beginners can understand and learn. During the course you'll learn how to use various tools to enhance your technical analysis , read price action and understand market behaviour. Overall the course was excellent and for a fraction that many charge in the Forex industry. Furthermore, the after care is something else, The Agency's dedication for their students success is something i've never seen before. 100% recommend"

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